The Tallinn Science Park foundation is a science and business campus which aims to advance technology-based entrepreneurship in Estonia, bring scientists and entrepreneurs together and provide suitable conditions and a suitable environment for the realisation of breakthrough business ideas. Many projects that have gone on to become sources of wider prosperity and economic growth have been launched in science parks around the world. As early as 1991 there were attempts to start a business district adhering to the principles of a science park close to Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), but the plan took off only in 2003, when the Republic of Estonia, TUT and the City of Tallinn founded the Tallinn Technology Park development foundation, known today as Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol. Today, there are nearly 200 companies (from startups to Skype) operating on the Tehnopol campus, which is situated close to TUT and the Estonian IT College. The physical environment of Tehnopol, our Startup Incubator specifically designed for new companies and business development services targeted at growth companies all create good conditions for the development of high value-added business. The Science Park also has some striking success stories to show – businesses that have started out here (e.g. Skype, Defendec, Toggl and FlyDog) have become strong companies. Tehnopol supports the adoption of promising new technologies and accelerates the growth of technology-based companies. Tehnopol’s services are primarily targeted at tech companies. Through our numerous cooperation networks and supported by our competent business experts and convenient working environment, we help fulfil ambitious potential. We provide our clients with suitable rental spaces, business development services, opportunities for close cooperation with universities and international networks and the support of experts.

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