Corporate Challenge Hackathon

  • 29.01.20
  • 09:00 -
  • 30.01.20
  • 18:00
  • Tehnopol event

TÜ Delta, Narva Mnt 4, Tartu

Take a moment to innovate! Tehnopol and sTARTUp Day are joining forces to create the Corporate Challenge Hackathon on 29–30.January in Tartu! This is your chance to innovative solutions and solve real problems in a creative way. Doesn’t matter if you work in a coding firm or you’re just really passionate about it – find a team, hack the brain and prototype!

REGISTER HERE: www.fienta.com/startupday

LEARN MORE: www.startupday.ee/program/hackathon

Reasons to attend:

  • You are passionate about solving some problems, so are we. Come and join like minded people to find innovative solutions.
  • You think this hackathon is for professional coders and hackers only? Guess again. Whether you are doing it on a daily basis or it’s a secret talent of yours – you’re welcome!
  • This is your chance to take a sneak peek into the real startup world. Is it just a buzz or is there something?
  • You have a real possibility to build a working prototype. Kind of cool if it’s your first ever.
  • The winning team gets to pitch their solution on the big stage. Psst! There will be the most spectacular jury listening – international entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Feel the amazing energy during the event – you can accomplish incredible things within very limited timeframe.
  • After hacking for two days, you will have a full day to enjoy sTARTUp Day 2020 business festival.

Reasons to attend as a company with a challenge:

  • You’ll get new people with a fresh view to work out a solution for your challenge.
  • Did you hear? Your problem will be the most important thing for two days straight and by the end of the hack you ́ll have the first prototype!
  • Instant feedback at all times during the hackathon.
  • Quite possibly the cheapest (but also the best) chance to find a solution to your challenges.
  • Possibility to find the best employees or partners to join your vision.
  • It’s not a secret – you’ll get excellent marketing to your company during the sTARTUp Day festival.

REGISTER HERE: www.fienta.com/startupday


LEARN MORE: www.startupday.ee/program/hackathon

sTARTUp Day is partnering up with Tehnopol – the biggest science park and startup incubator in the Baltics. Tehnopol is the home for tech companies and they have around 300 companies in active portfolio, ranging from fast growing startups to tech giants like Microsoft.

If you have any questions, shoot an email to katlin@tehnopol.ee

Check the Facebook event here.

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