Conference: The audacity to do things differently

  • 18.04.19
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Alexela kontserdimaja

To reach the absolute top, you need audacity. Audacity to think and act differently from all your competitors. Be the first one to notice an opportunity, to better understand risks.

For this, you need a fresh and sharp sight. And distinctive ideas. For years, we have had to get inspiration and fresh thoughts from Helsinki, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or London, spending too much of our precious time and also money.

This year, Eesti Ekspress brings fresh and topical ideas and inspiration for courageous actions to the heart of Tallinn. Extraordinary personalities, top names of the world and Estonia, starting with investment and statistics guru Nassim Nicholas Taleb are sharing their unique ideas and experience.

Do not be one of many. Many thought Einstein to be a fool, J. K. Rowling a talentless housewife and Star Wars films useless rubbish. Have the audacity to do things differently! Be a visionary!

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