Medical Diagnostics meet up with Artificial Intelligence

  • 09.04.19
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Tehnopol event


On April 9th, meet the actors – your future European collaborators – in medical diagnostics and AI.

This launching event will gather European experts from diagnostics and AI in order to boost companies awareness, knowledge and business matchmaking to foster collaborations.

AI4diag has a triple ambition: fostering companies’ development, fostering Regions’ co-investments and laying the foundation of a long term collaboration strategy between clusters in order to boost industrial modernisation of diagnostics companies in order to reinforce their international leadership. As a joint Regional-Cluster-Industry Project, AI4Diag will involve all of the local diagnostic and AI actors.

After gathering concrete feedback from SMEs on their specific barriers to innovation, skills, cooperation and investment, the consortium aims at structuring regional ecosystems and systematizing joint business cooperation projects and agreements between European Diagnostics and AI companies, including other stakeholders where necessary (hospital centres, manufacturers, venture capitalists, etc.).

The global objectives are to:

  • open up new opportunities for SMEs (even in less developed regions) and help them develop new innovative prediction/detection services with AI
  • enable technological centres to initiate new collaborations in Europe
  • enable business organisations to increase skills in companies’ support on that topic
  • improve the cluster-specific framework conditions in the partners’ Regions
  • enable Regions to co-invest

AI4Diag partners : Aragon Health Cluster, Eurobiomed, flanders.bio, Tallinn Tehnopol, Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster and their corresponding Regions (Aragon, SUD, Occitanie, Flanders, Estonia, Tuscany).

The project is funded by the European Union’s COSME programme. See more information here.

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