Pycon Estonia 2019: Future of Python

  • 03.10.19
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The burgeoning Python Community of the Nordic countries is gearing up for the second #PyconEstonia event in Telliskivi on 3rd October, 2019.

PyCon Estonia is the largest Python Conference in Northern Europe aiming to educate people about Python programming language. This year, over 200 developers, innovators, CTO-s and investors will gather to discuss the Future of Python.

After a successful event last year, PyCon Estonia 2019 will also be a great day of talks, activities, fun and coding! A number of renowned speakers from around the world will join along with keynote speakers Travis Oliphant and Lukáš Hurych.

Travis Oliphant is the founder of Quansight, Anaconda (Continuum), NumFOCUS, and PyData. He is a Scientific Computing developer and administrator with extensive experience in developing applications and completing projects for Fortune 50. He is also the creator of NumPy, SciPy, Conda, Numba and XN.

Lukáš Hurych is the CPO at Twisto, a product marketer, Pythonista, and a killer for phishing, writing malware, hacking and all the fun stuff.

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PyCon Estonia 2019 is the perfect opportunity for Pythonistas to explore the future, discuss impact and network with and learn from engaging speakers, industry experts and entrepreneurs.

PyCon Estonia was born out of the well-received Python CodeClub by Thorgate in Tallinn. Thorgate aims to empower and celebrate Python developers in the nordics. PyCon Estonia is organised by NGO Python Estonia.

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