Startup Incubator’s Alumni Club with Smart Load Solutions

  • 20.05.19
  • 18:00 - 22:00
  • Tehnopol event


Our Startup Incubator team invites you to join a discussion about smart homes! 

At the next Alumni Club, Madis Uuemaa from team Smart Load Solutions will dive into the topic and shares a couple of milestones that they hit after the Incubation Programme ended. Our meeting point this time is Shvips – on 20 May at 18:00.

Alumni Club is, of course, about networking and mingling, so bring your team, meet fresh teams and fresh graduates, mentors, coaches, and join us for a fun night! The event is open for Startup Incubator network only!

As there are exciting times at Tehnopol, we will also launch the SmartUp Accelator 2019 competition and briefly talk about our acceleration program. This year, the competition and our program is targeting startups that offer solutions related to smart mobility and that are ready to make connections on international markets. 

This year (the online platform opens in May 2019) we will select 7 finalists in total – startups delivering solutions for Smart Mobility sector, from 7 Baltic Sea Region countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Russia). The winning startups will choose their target market for internationalization, get support in the process from Project’s Partners and will have a chance to take part in international Bootcamp to expand their knowledge and network. Stay tuned! 

Simplest registration ever: Click “GOING” if you are definitely joining us! 

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