Startup Week Tallinn 2019: The Value of IoT in Manufacturing

  • 14.11.19
  • 14:30 - 17:30
  • Tehnopol event

Mäealuse 2/1, UK Lounge

This event is part of Tech Almighty track at Startup Week Tallinn 2019 – a celebration of the entrepreneurial mindset and startup community. Make sure to RSVP in Eventbrite to secure your spot!

One of the biggest market opportunities for IoT deployments and applications lies in manufacturing. With so much happening in the production cycle, it’s a challenge to identify the bottlenecks affecting production efficiency. The industry is still lacking in terms of collecting data from various sources in the factory and also further using that data to optimise processes.

This masterclass by Eliko is set up for everyone who wants to understand Industrial IoT (IIoT) and gain suggestions on how companies can derive value from it and accelerate their digital transformation. The program has been designed to explore the ecosystem and key technologies behind IIoT applications and understand their importance. Based on the examples, the participants will also gain an understanding of how other companies are transforming through IoT. Come and connect with the people reinventing the future of manufacturing and learn how to harness the power of emerging technologies to create more business value.

14:30 Registration & Pre-event Networking
14:50 Meetup Introduction
15:00-16:30 Speakers + Q&As
16:30-17:30 Post-event Networking


  • Welix Klaas, Manager of New Technology Introduction at Ericsson

Welix works with new technologies at Ericsson manufacturing facility in Tallinn, which involves IoT, augmented reality, robotics and data analytics. He studied Economics at Tartu University and Industrial Engineering and Management at TalTech. He co-founded IoT start-up COMODULE and has recently been developing the Smart Manufacturing unit in Ericsson. Welix will share the Smart Manufacturing journey in Ericsson and explain the role of IoT. He will also describe the challenges they face in the factory with wireless connectivity, reasons to focus on connectivity, examples of different use cases and knowledge that has come along the way.

  • Sander Ulp (PhD), Lead Research Scientist at Eliko

Sander Ulp is the Lead Research Scientist at Eliko, who specialises in algorithms and methods for indoor positioning. He holds a doctorate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Tallinn University of Technology with a specialisation in distributed estimation in cooperative radio networks. He has a background in signal processing, radio networks and audio and machine learning. He is also a lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology. Sander will introduce emerging IoT radio technologies and methods for real-time indoor tracking and explain the opportunities they offer to the industry. He will also introduce Eliko’s KIO RTLS, a real-time indoor tracking system based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.

  • Martin Lääts, Business Development at Evocon

Martin has been heading business development and design at Evocon, an OEE software provider for real-time production monitoring, since 2015. He will explain the benefits of data automation and visualisation and give an in-depth look at how Meconet is using Evocon’s real-time production monitoring solution to improve productivity and the utilisation of resources.

The event is hosted by Eliko, an embedded electronics and software company situated in Tallinn. Since 2004, Eliko has been helping smart cities, smart manufacturing, machine builders and integrators move towards digitalisation with its embedded technologies, both hardware and software. Today, Eliko is focusing, above all, on highly accurate positioning and developing the related technologies, combining its strong research and product development competencies.


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