Storytelling workshop with Argo Kubja

  • 15.10.19
  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • Tehnopol event

Tehnopol Startup Inkubaator, Mäealuse 2/1, UK Lounge

A company’s story is as meaningful as the product or service they sell. In a world where everyone is pitching the next Uber or AirBnb for XYZ, it is crucial to engage both the audience as well as the customers/partners with stories that appeal and evoque emotion.

At the next marketing workshop with Argo Kubja, we will focus on the essence of good storytelling that does not become a fairytale. 

In Estonia, there is a tendency amongst companies to describe themselves as “the best”, “most trustworthy”, etc. Bragging and talking in superlative seems to be the go-to strategy in marketing. Why? Well, the truth is out there, but for fact this is not what the audiences are looking for!

We will look into the structure of storytelling, get to know some essential elements and talk about if and how to bend the classic rules to meet the needs of different lines of businesses.

Join the workshop with Argo on storytelling!

Not everyone will be Don Draper after it, but one sure can come up with catchy taglines. We guarantee it 😉

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