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  • 16.08.19
  • 16:00 -
  • Tehnopol recommends

Sokos Hotel Viru konverentsikeskus

We are happy to invite you to annual Sisters in Charge International (SiCi) summit, the place where women entrepreneurs from many countries share their passion for business and success.

We encourage you to join us in Tallinn at our 4th event. We are looking forward to feel again the energy and warm support we, women are giving to each other.


Time: 16.08.2019 at 4 PM

Place: Sokos Hotel Viru Conference Centre

Participants fee: 20 €

Accommodation: Sokos Hotel Viru kindly asks you to stay at a reduced rate. We will send the details to you after registration.

Registration: Registration starts now!

Please fill the registration form here: https://forms.gle/vEDuCFrZDZoT428H7

Who will take the stage?

  • Hannu Arhinmäki, Economic Advisor at the Finnish Embassy
  • Anna-Greta Tsahkna, CEO at Timbeter –  “How to engage investors to startup?”
  • Marion Hein, Service Center Manager at AZETS
  • Minna-Maija Jokisalo, MsC, Economics, CEO, Founder of RiverCom & LanMei, Marketing professional
  • Caritta Seppä, COO and Co-Founder of Tespack

The event host is Marget Haug –  entrepreneur, Event planner and Marketing specialist.

What to expect?

  • New connections between women entrepreneurs
  • Motivating presentations
  • Future co-projects
  • Inspiring people
  • Tour in Sokos Hotel Viru
  • KGB museum and top floor secret Bar

What is Sisters in Charge International?

Sisters in Charge International is an agile, international and influential community, an NGO of active, experienced and engaged women. Founded in 2014, SiCi now stands for the dialogue creating access to expertise and women’s dignity globally.
More: sicisisters.com

Let’s meet soon!

We are hoping to create inspiring atmosphere, where we can learn from other women, gain new ideas and start new projects together. Add the event to your calendar, book the ticket and see you soon!

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