Helmes Summer Bootcamp


Helmes Summer Bootcamp is a four-week intensive and fun software development training course, where you can quickly whip yourself into shape and develop a real-life IT project.

Why not spend an interesting and fun-filled month with the ever creative Helmes team at their cosy office in the centre of Tallinn.  It costs nothing! In fact, Helmes will pay 500 euros of scholarship to you if you want to make the commitment and develop your skills.

Don’t miss an opportunity to put your readiness and abilities to the test, and to enter the challenging IT labour market!


Helmes Summer Bootcamp is held from 31 of July till 25 of August in Helmes’ office in Lõõtsa 6B, Tallinn.


70% of last year’s Summer Bootcamp participants have joined Helmes.

Helmes first organised the professional software development training programme Helmes Summer Bootcamp in 2015. In 2016 to our surprise, there were over 400 applicants, and to date 7 of those 10 bright-eyed enthusiastic participants have joined Helmes’ hard-working crew. The participants themselves highly praised the experience of the Helmes Summer Bootcamp, and feedback showed that the average satisfaction level was 9.8 out of 10.


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Read more and register at http://bootcamp.helmes.ee/ 


Helmes is one of Estonia’s largest IT companies. It was recognised as the most successful software developer in 2014, secured first place in the 2015 competitive performance rating and was named one of the most family- and employee friendly companies in Estonia in 2016.