HIVdigital from Tehnopol is a finalist in IASP Inspiring Solutions Programme TOP10


The IASP Inspiring Solutions Programme is a knowledge sharing initiative and a way to recognise excellence within the world of science parks and areas of innovation.

Last month IASP announced the shortlisted entries as selected by a panel of experts, and asked IASP members to vote for their favourites – the solutions they find the most innovative, the most inspiring and the most useful for others. We are proud, that amongs the TOP10 is also HIVdigital from Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol. 

The TOP10 finalists are:

Tallinn Science Park, Estonia - HIVdigital

HIVdigital is a need-based innovation process / competition / ideation process / hackathon to boost innovations for people living with HIV, led by Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol in cooperation with GlaxoSmithKline and the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs. See more from:

Angers Technopole, France - Awakening innovative projects in SMEs: "SelanC, activate innovation!"

Bilkent Cyberpark, Turkey - B2B Matching Methodology

Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, Spain - A Challenge for the Park

Edmonton Research Park, Canada - The Biz Clinic

Lakeside Science & Technology Park (LSTP), Austria - The “Educational Lab”

Poznan Science and Technology Park, Poland - Science communication programme as the part of PSTP branding strategy

São Leopoldo Tech Park (TECNOSINOS), Brazil - Greentech Park Program

Science Park Mjärdevi, Sweden - Coderdojo Summercamp

The Innovation Hub, South Africa - eKasiLab Programme

Full details of the shortlisted solutions are available at 

Hope you enjoy reading more about them, and we encourage all IASP members to vote for their favourite one until 11th of August! 

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol is a member of International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) since 2003. IASP 's mission is to be the global network for science parks and areas of innovation, and to drive growth, internationalisation and effectiveness for our members.