Less than 50 tickets left for #LEAP2017


LEAP 2016 was a big hit we decided to do it again BIGGER AND BETTER, enticing conversations, topics, and top startups.

If you have your startup idea but don't know where to start? or you want to open or you're ready to launch your start-up? or better yet want to know what it takes to be an Entrepreneur or run your own start-up, Then this is the event for you. Learn from the top start-ups and business/life hackers in Estonia.

With less than 50 tickets left, we're close to selling out LEAP 2017. If you want to experience the event in Tallinn- act fast and grab your tickets now!


This year we focus on the themes of Entrepreneurial dream meets sustainable reality with UN Sustainable Development Goals. The speakers we have are CEO, Co-founders, and activist such as Markus Villig CEO of Taxify, Aleksander Gansen Co-founder & CEO of Shipitwise, Aivar Laan CEO & Founder of Festivality, and much more.


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