How to be the Madonna of your business sector?


Victor Galaz, Deputy Science Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre, says that every business owner should constantly renew and rethink what they do, to be able to stay in the frontier like Madonna does in the music industry.

Nordic-Baltic Dynamics (NBD) conference keynote speaker Victor Galaz believes that the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs do today is that they focus on creating a product that builds on analyzing only one trend of change. “True innovation emerges when you are able to combine multiple trends of change at the same time, say the need for pollination services, robotics and artificial intelligence,” says Galaz.

Galaz believes that science parks can nurture unexpected combinations of people and skills, create a safe space for experimentation, and "out-of-the-box" thinking, so that entrepreneurs can become more resilient in their business activity. These combinations are those that will lead to disruptive ideas and innovation in the long term.

We proudly present that another NBD keynote speaker Reet Aus was chosen in September among the top 20 most responsible leaders in Northern Europe by the Nordic Business Forum. The Forum notes that the world is going through a paradigm shift; sustainability used to be an afterthought, but it’s becoming an indicator of successful societies. Reet Aus is a great example how one can really make a difference and be successful at the same time.

Victor Galaz is a Deputy Science Director at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. His research addresses the challenges and opportunities posed to societies by rapid technological and planetary change. Victor is one of the founders of the "Biosphere Code" - principles to reconnect novel technologies with stewardship of the biosphere. His work has been featured in international media such as Wired, The Guardian, New Scientist and Nature. 

Designer Reet Aus is dedicated to slow fashion and her upcycled collection is entirely made from post-production leftovers. She keeps proving that clever design can salvage mountains of unused textiles and the natural resources spent to produce them. She has developed an industrial upcycling method that involves complete lifecycle analysis of the garments. The method enables to circulate the leftover materials back to production inside the same factory.

The Nordic-Baltic Dynamics innovation conference takes place on October 26th-27th in Stockholm, The Brewery Conference Centre, bringing together over 200 innovation promoters. The goal of the innovation conference is to enhance the cooperation between science and technology parks (STPs) and innovation ecosystem stakeholders in the Baltic and Northern countries.

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