One of India’s top law firms NovoJuris Legal visited Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol


One of India’s top law firms NovoJuris Legal visited Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol during their trip to Estonia and wrote an article about it in their blog "Estonia: The ‘Smart’ Country".

NovoJuris Legal is an innovative new age law-firm, where clients leverage on update, in-depth knowledge to adapt to evolving business environment. According to their blog they have been consistently ranked amongst India’s top 5 active legal counsellors in Private Equity. They visited Tallinn, Estonia in the end of October 2017 and say, that they got a rich experience, as they went from exploring the Enterprise Estonia showroom and the e-Residency opportunities to having interesting discussions with legal partners and witnessing the high energy, high technology ambience of Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol.

"We also had the opportunity of visiting the incubation space of Tallinn Science Park, Tehnopol, which has supported companies such as Skype, GuardTime (the block-chain service provider to the Estonian government). Tehnopol is one of the biggest tech hubs in the Baltic region and works extensively with companies in the green technology, ICT and health technology sector, often times providing supports to companies, even at prototyping phases. The average incubation period is up to 2 years and till a company raises capital/generates the first sale. It invests up to € 10 000worth of expertise to start-up companies to find the first seed investment or reach export markets, providing access to 30+ business coaches working hands-on with start-ups, 70+ trainings, investor panels, sales, pitching and networking events annually, co-working center, and last but not the least, access to € 300,000prototyping fund PROTOTRON," says in NovoJuris blog. 

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