Teaduspargi 6/1
Pindala: 2500 m2

The main building of Tehnopol has been renovated and reconstructed to bring together comfortable office and service premises. The Helios diner and GymLeco sports complex also operate in the building. There are two seminar rooms in the building: Mercury and Saturn.

Mäealuse 2/1
Pindala: 12000 m2

This contemporary and high-quality business and office building is aimed at information and communications technology companies and those providing services in the Tehnopol area. The Startup Incubator – a business incubator for new companies – also operates in the building, with more than 20 companies developing their businesses there. Some of the companies operating in the building are Cybernetica, SMIT (the IT and Development Centre of the Ministry of the Interior) and ELIKO. Service providers include the Mets restaurant, the Aatomik day care centre and Credo Insurance Brokers. The building has various seminar and meeting rooms (see here).

Teaduspargi 6/2
Pindala: 2100 m2

This building is aimed at companies dealing with electronics, mechanics and IT. It offers highly flexible space solutions for teams large and small alike. It is home to H7H6 and AT&S Tehnika, both of which operate in the metal and electronics field.

Teaduspargi 3/1
Pindala: 2200 m2

This building is designed for biotechnology and materials and chemical industry companies. In addition to high-quality office space, the building also provides suitable conditions for laboratories. Companies such as Cambrex, Kevelt and Cayman Europe are based here.

Mäealuse 4
Pindala: 2200 m2

This building is for biotechnology companies and provides a variety of options for both offices and laboratories. The Biolab gives companies the opportunity to use world-class conditions in the field of cell growth and development. Companies like Biotap, Cellin Technologies, Fibrotx and Biolaborid operate here. The Biolab was launched in the science park with the help of Tehnopol in 2013. It is unique in the Baltic States, suitable for producing and reproducing stem cells – a clean room which the creators of the lab, in cooperation with the Cell Therapy Cluster, wish to turn into a production company that is much needed for the medicinal development of Estonian and European medicine and which will be capable of making high-quality cell-therapy products. More information can be found on the Biolaborid website.

Teaduspargi 8
Pindala: 8300 m2

The Mechatronics centre is aimed at companies involved in mechanics, electronics and mechanical engineering. In addition to high-quality office space, the building also has high-tech production and laboratory premises which are home to the only flexible mechatronic manufacturing system in the region. Companies such as Metrosert, the Innovation Centre of Mechatronics (IMECC) and Ektaco operate in the building.

Akadeemia street 21
Pindala: 12300 m2

Throughout recent history, the Cybernetics building (Akadeemia tee 21, buildings 1-6) has always been home to innovative companies. It has been the starting place for such companies as Skype Technologies and AS Cybernetica. It is first and foremost a business and office building and houses more than 50 technology-based companies. Class-A office space is available for companies in the newly reconstructed building at Akadeemia tee 21.

2015-2016 we renovated buildings 3-6 at the same address. In the modern business building there are semi-industrial laboratories, small-scale production areas, two goods lifts, well equipped seminar rooms and cozy lounge areas. The roofs are designed in such a manner that it will be possible to use them for harnessing either wind or solar energy and link them to the buildings’ power supply. The Cybernetics building houses companies like Fujitsu EstoniaEnglo, HITSA, Trindad Wiseman, Teligent laboratories and others.