EMIF – Digital Citizen, Digital Patient

This conference will inspire EU healthcare thought leaders to present research findings and share best practices on the use of data at all points of the healthcare value chain:

  • ‘Digital Citizen, Digital Patient’ leveraging the experience in the use of informatics to aid the smooth running of government.
  • Relevant best-case examples of patient-driven data and wearables improving both outcomes and research.
  • Evidence of how this evolving relationship is influencing life sciences research, clinical development and post-authorisation access.

The conference is supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) European Medical Information Framework (EMIF) programme, one of the largest health public-private partnerships, and its collaboration of leading academics, researchers and ten pharmaceutical companies under the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), led by Janssen Pharmaceutica


This conference is free of charge for all attendees. Registrations will be reviewed and confirmed as soon as possible. Register HERE


Find more information and the agenda at http://vitaltransformation.com/2017/03/emif-digital-citizen-digital-patient-overview-agenda/