Free workshop on Data Protection! eHH Legal workshop @eHealth Tallinn 2017

Are you an organisation or institution interested in supporting eHealth start-ups and entrepreneurs or simply interested in how to stay on top of data protection regulation?

eHealth Hub presents “Practical steps to Data Protection compliance" @eHealth Tallin 2017

Join us on Tuesday, 17 October from 11am to 12.30 pm, including Q&A

The workshop explores how European data protection laws impact the collection and processing of data, thereby affecting you. You’ll get a detailed understanding of how to best support businesses to adhere to data protection standards whilst maintaining commercial goals.

What you can expect from attending the workshop:

  • Understanding how organisation can support start-ups in their network to integrate the new European data protection and online privacy standards,
  • Understanding the compliance requirements and fines;
  • Find about current and most common data protection mistakes and unfit privacy practices;
  • Understand what you should be doing to protect your current or potential business.

This workshop is free of charge and its funded under the European Commission H2020 project, eHealth Hub.

This workshop will cover:

  1. an overview of the EU data protection & online privacy standards,
  2. compliance requirements and fines,
  3. current and most common data protection mistakes and unfit privacy practices.


“Clemence Tanzi is qLegal Coordinator at Queen Mary University of London and coordinates student and lawyer involvement at qLegal, an innovative free legal service for start-ups and entrepreneurs in London. Clemence’s interests include diversity with the tech sector and education".

 "Siiri Kuusik is a law practitioner from Estonia, with a focus on commercial matters, including court representation. She is particularly interested in data protection and IT law matters in the light of today’s rapidly developing technology. In addition to client consultations, she is a frequent speaker at public seminars and training sessions, and she has contributed to international researches in this field. As she works closely with the IT sector, she always sees the broader aspects of the need to comply with data protection requirements".

“Charlotte Lavery is a LLM student at Queen Mary University of London and is a volunteer student adviser for the qLegal clinic, a service providing legal advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs”.

Our target

Organisations and institutions working with and supporting start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs.


October 17, 11:00 - 12.30 (including Q&A).


eHealth Tallinn 2017, Creative Hub Tallinn (Kultuurikatel), Põhja puiestee 27a, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

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The workshop is free, but registration is mandatory.

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