Oulu 5G Innovation Challenge

The Oulu 5GFWD Hackathon challenges the world’s greatest coders and enterprises to solve the challenges set by Nokia, Sonera and Oulu University Hospital  on June 9–12. The total value of prizes to the winners is more than 25 000 euros.

5GFWD – founded by the City of Oulu and Nokia with their selected partners – is a three-track Innovation competition.

The 5GFWD starts on February 29. The final day for your entry is April 8.

The tracks are Shopping Frenzy!, Health Goes 5G!, and Easy Living & Working!. Just choose the one that is closest to your interests. Or join all three.

The prizes are really something: The Track Winners’ prizes 4 000 euros each. Grand Prix winner, the best of the best, with a prize of 10,000 euros.

Health Goes 5G! track bonus: an exclusive prize of session time in OYS TestLab’s 5G environment in Oulu University Hospital worth 10 000 euros + team memberships in an OuluHealth pilot project.

All finalists’ travel costs to Oulu will be paid by the 5GFWD up to total 2 000 euros for two persons.

More information: http://www.businessoulu.com/en/frontpage/en/for-media-2/news/5g-hackathon-solves-challenges-set-by-nokia-sonera-and-oulu-university-hospital.html

Registration: http://www.5gfwd.org/