#TEW2017 Networking Night vol 22: Audience Building

The next legendary Networking Night takes place during Tehnopol Entertainment Week on the 6th of September at 18:00-20:00 in Startup Incubator UK Lounge, Mäealuse 2/1. 

Are you building traction?
Chances are that you are 100% focused on building your Product and you are totally overlooking building an Audience around it.

While this would have worked a few years ago, today you can no longer place a Product in the marketplace and simply hope people will notice it. You need a better strategy.

In this Talk, we'll see why building an engaged Audience is today the best way to create a demand for your Product/Service.

We’ll go through the best practices of Audience building and the most important Content Marketing concepts, including:

- Why do we need to build an Audience;
- How do we start creating one;
- Audience Segmentation, Why and How;
- practical examples of how your Audience will make your life easier.

About the speaker:
Andrea Bronzini is a serial entrepreneur who has developed several Products and Services. He has worked in 6 countries dealing with problem solving and automation of procedures and systems. Along the way, he used his automation skill to hack Marketing and Sales. He now works as a freelancer specialized in Growth Hacking and Business Development.


Free of charge! Seats are limited! Register at www.tew2017-networkingnight.eventbrite.com