Ultrahack 2018 Sprint I

We are proud to announce Ultrahack 2018 Sprint I! It will take place in Helsinki on May 18-20. The venue is Airo Island, the home of AI and Robotics.

Application period is ongoing until the deadline on May 1st 2018. 


  • Hack the forest data
    Create innovative digital solutions utilizing the masses of forest data generated from the Finnish forestry industry.
  • Event Tech and mobility
    From ticketing, mobility surrounding the event to attendee experience, how can you hack the diverse event industry to create an overall improved attendee experience.
  • ESA BIC hack
    Using data from Copernicus and FMI resources find creative solutions for marine economy, arctic conditions, air quality and forestry. Can combine also forest data and Talsinki track solutions if applicable.
  • Talsinki challenge
    Tallinn and Helsinki, so close yet so far. How can you create a better commute or cooperation platform between the two cities?
  • AI: Intelligent buildings
    Schools, shopping malls, office blocks and universities generate data and this track sets the challenge on how to use the data to make these buildings a little more intelligent with innovative AI solutions.
  • Open track
    Doesn't quite fit the previous tracks but you want to showcase your project or innovative idea? Then the open track is for you.

Further information on API's, resources and prizes can be found via https://ultrahack.org/ultrahack2018sprint1

Travel grants are available for teams traveling from outside Helsinki region:

  • For teams from central Finland (outside the Helsinki region) - up to 40€ per team 
  • Northern Finland (600+km from Helsinki eg, Oulu) - up to 80€ per team 
  • Baltics, Nordics & Russia - up to 200€ per team 
  • Rest of Europe - up to 400€ per team 
  • Rest of the World - up to 800€ per team 

Check out our FAQ for further details

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