Startup Grind: Ahti Heinla (Co-founder, CEO and CTO at Starship)

On 23rd of May at 6.30 pm @ KultuuriKatel (Yellow stage), LIFT99co and Startup Grind Tallinn are hosting Ahti Heinla, founding engineer at Skype and current co-founder, CEO & CTO at Starship Technologies.

Ahti is one of the most highly rated founders in Estonia. We all know the story of Skype and its escalating impact on Estonia and on the local startup community. We are all familiar with Starship Technologies and the groundbreaking work they are doing in the field of robotics.

However, this time we will not be discussing Skype and Starship. 

We will be talking about building a tribe with whom you can conquer mountaintops. About assembling world-class teams of dedicated people, immune to the lures of recruiters. About creating a mission people can truly get behind and work towards, without burning out.

Ahti will be interviewed by Liis Narusk, co-founder and CEO at Elevate by Garage48, bringing the power of co-creation and experimentation to established companies.

The interview is followed by networking and drinks at Tehnopol Matchmaking Area.

Ticket prices are 5-10€.
Entrance is free of charge for Latitude59 pass-holders. 
Please book your seat here:

06:30 PM - Registration
07:00 PM - Fireside Chat with Ahti Heinla
08:00 PM - Networking & Drinks at Tehnopol Matchmaking Area

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