5 new startups joined Tehnopol Startup Incubator

Five new startups have joined Tehnopol Startup Incubator in the beginning of the year and have started developing and testing their products and services with the support of the incubator team and mentors. Let’s get to know these companies:

Industry machines are working 24/7 and they are filled essential components like bearings. INWAY is a monitoring solution that provides an overall evaluation of the health of a bearing, to let the technician know when maintenance is needed.

Lokimo is a platform that helps tourists around the globe to discover cities through digital tours. Lokimo app is available for iOS and Android.

Today, millions of people are missing out of the opportunity to participate in quality group training near their home, especially outside metropolitan areas. Hopa Fit offers the opportunity to train with our trained instructors in your area. We are developing a platform where we bring together Hopa instructors and hopefuls and offer a program of playful workouts, nutrition and habits. The platform also allows the hopper to conveniently book, pay for, and cancel training if necessary.

Pagerr helps save the environment with a special print optimization method that turns unused printing potential into new customers. Every day, about 50 tons of paper, or an average of 7% of the total printing output, are thrown away in Estonian printing houses, because there was nothing to print on the print plate at the right time. Pagerr can offer customers up to 4x cheaper price because it uses paper that is otherwise wasted and the ordering process is quick and easy through the website. Printing houses will also benefit because, through this technology, they can earn 20 times more money for leftover paper compared to selling the paper to a collector.

MyGames improves the occupancy of tennis courts and creates more opportunities to play tennis.

Tehnopol Startup Incubator wishes you good luck, be active at the startup events and be bold when making new contacts!

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