Estonian Business Angels see a huge potential in Guestjoy


Estonian Business Angel Investment Program invested 160 000€ into Tehnopol Startup Incubator company GuestJoy! Angel Investment Program Winner 2017 was announced at sTARTUp Day business festival in Tartu last week.

The presenter of EstBAN Heidi Kakko said that it wasn’t a pitching competition and they had been observing the TOP4 teams before for 2 months. „The angels made the decision clearly on the context of the investment and in the case of GuestJoy they were convinced by the the team’s accomplishments while entering the market. We also considered, that there's a big market for them and it attracts the investors. Today, there is actual value proposition there, and now GuestJoy should continue working so the customers feel it as well,“ added Kakko.

„It feels awesome! We know what and how well we are doing, but it feels so awesome, that we convinced others in it as well,“ said the co-founder of GuestJoy Annika Ülem. „We are planning to use the investment for international development and recruiting more people. Product development and sales are the keywords we focus on,“ described Ülem.

According to Martin Goroško, the head of Tehnopol Startup Incubator, GuestJoy today already has an actual turnover and customer base, which makes them attractive for the investors. Thanks to EstBAN’s investment, Guestjoy can enter new markets and for that, they need to expand the sales team.