PHOTOS: The highlight of Tehnopol’s campus day was the ninja trail

Tehnopol’s campus day that took place on September 16, brought together a lot of awesome people – interesting programme which lasted all day started with talks in the morning and ended with the concert of Curly Strings.

We started the day in the Startup Incubator’s rooms where the very first Amazon Web Service seminar took place, which focused on data strategy. The last seminar of the series takes place on September 28, so if you missed the first ones, there’s still a chance to take part in the last one.

Timely prevention of mental health issues with the help of digital solutions helps to save money

Another important talk in the morning took place in Saturn seminar room where we focused on mental health issues. In addition to people listening on the site, the seminar was also accessible online. Topics like which digital solutions support mental health and what else can be done in this field, were discussed. You can watch the seminar on our Facebook page (the seminar was in Estonian).

The community lunch offered amazing flavours and something sweet

In the noon, the first hungry folks got to choose their favourites from various food trucks. There was something for every foodie – savoury, sweet, spicy and sour. There was meat, fish, vegan food, also foods that do not contain lactose or gluten. And all dishes were served in the reusable dishware by Bringpack. During lunch, ELMO Rent introduced their remote driving system in the parking lot. ELMO’s car drove around in the parking lot, but the driver was in a seminar room hundreds of metres away. Talk about innovation! After lunch (or before or during, depending on one’s preferences), Tehnopol’s employees served La Muu ice creams for everyone on the campus.

Aino-Silvia Tali: the new kind of work life includes flexibility

When the lunch was over, it was time to head back to Startup Incubator’s rooms where an interesting topic – hybrid work – was discussed. The CEO of Tehnopol, Indrek Orav, spoke with the development manager of Helmes, Aino-Silvia Tali, about the challenges of this new kind of work and this discussion can be found from our Facebook page (it was in Estonian).

If needed, a company in Tallinn can get support to go on a fair in Vastseliina

The last seminar of the day focused on how Tallinn supports new and already active companies. There were 10 steps which the city can offer companies to support them. The seminar can be found from our Facebook page (in Estonian).

Once a ninja, always a ninja – ninja trail showcased incredible endurance and skills

In the afternoon, a lively activity began next to Sooneoja creek, where a unique ninja trail was set up. The competition was led by comedians from Comedy Estonia – Roger Andre and Daniel Veinbergs. The three fastest teams were: FitSphere (1st place), Astlanda (2nd place), Mobire (3rd place). If average times in completing the trail remained around 10 minutes, then FitSphere did it in 7 minutes and 51 seconds!

Some photos of the award ceremony:

Qvalitas introduced their digital clinic

During the whole day, everyone was able to have their eyesight checked or simply speak with Qvalitas medical centre’s physical therapist to get some advice about guarding one’s eyes when working behind a computer or sitting straight. They also introduced their new and exciting digital clinic – less dr Google and more advice from an actual doctor without having to stand up from the workdesk.

Curly Strings’ music allowed to forget about everything

The day ended with a concert by a beloved Estonian band Curly Strings. The lead singer, Eeva Talsi, came down from the stage and led a fun dance that included everyone. In the shadows, the Estonians really are a song and dance people!

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in various events that took place that day. Thanks to all the teams that participated in the ninja trail. Allow yourself a little rest and then it’s time to start training, since someone needs to beat FitSphere next year! 🙂

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