Aiotex smart store opens its doors in Tehnopol!

As part of Tehnopol Entertainment Week, an innovative Aiotex pop-up store will open its doors in the central square of Tehnopol on the afternoon of September 7. The store is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm and it is possible to buy basic goods using the self-service system.

The shop has an innovative self service system, which allows the customer to successfully complete the purchase themselves. To enter, you need to identify yourself with smart-id, mobile-id or mtasku, other people cannot enter the store during one visit. The customer can register the purchased goods at the self-service counter and pay with by card. In case of problems and questions, the shop also provides customer support via the help computer.

The pilot project of this pop-up store has been made possible by:

  • Marno from – supplying the store with goods;
  • Kitman – shelves and refrigerators;
  • Ektaco – cash register system;
  • Novater – software solutions;
  • Optimus – video surveillance;
  • Aiotex – concept, passages and technology, and
  • Tehnopol – support for the real estate and concept creation.

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