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It’s the beginning of a new era in Startup Incubator. Let’s welcome the Zebras? The who? Zebras! 

The application round for batch 08 is closed!

Start-ups are known for their ability to adapt quickly. As a founder you surely know how important it is to keep up with trends, better yet – be ahead of them. Zebra companies rise by observing the trends in the market and adapting to the demands of consumers. Unicorns on the other hand attempt to disrupt the general market by introducing something entirely new. The Zebra era has begun, you heard it here first!

Zebra start-ups are both black and white – profitable and improve society. In addition to profit goals they keep in mind sustainability aspects, like climate change, human rights etc.

It doesn’t matter if you want to become a unicorn or a zebra – it is important that we are ready to support you on your way in the Startup Incubator. Of course, you are fully capable of building your own business. Otherwise, you would not be a founder. But with the advice from experienced mentors and the help from us, the development of your company is simply 10 times faster, many mistakes can be avoided and we open the doors for you that would otherwise remain closed. You always have someone to count on!

We will do great with each other if you have an early-stage technology startup, a great team and you have already progressed from an idea level to an MVP or a prototype. To apply, your company must be registered in Estonia. No ambition is too high!

We have a clear motivation to help you succeed – all our services are free of monthly fees; we only take 2% participation option. So, if you succeed, we succeed with you!

FAQ about Tehnopol Startup Incubator growth program:

What is the incubation program all about?

Tehnopol Startup Incubator offers a growth program worth up to €10,000 to develop your world-changing idea. With the help of the best business angels in Estonia and Europe, entrepreneurs, marketers, lawyers and other experts, we will help you to reach the required investment or stable turnover.

personal team of top mentors awaits to help your startup find a viable business model, attract investment, create contacts, and enter export markets. Meet the mentorsTogether we succeed or fail!

We offer you

  • 6 practical and exclusive training days from the experts
  • thousands of euros worth of expert advice from mentors from Estonia and Europe
  • an equity option agreement, no monthly fee
  • a modern open office and meeting rooms in Tehnopol, the largest science and business campus in the Baltics
  • a united community and wide network of contacts
  • exciting out-of-program workshops and events

Read more about the new growth program and apply! https://www.startupincubator.ee/en/program/

We help you:

  • Build a sustainable business model
  • Create a product the content and technical specifications of which correspond to the expectations of customers
  • Reach the first clients with the assistance of a sales, marketing, and public-relations management plan
  • Find common ground with investors, business partners, and clients
  • Cultivate the required private investments

We offer you:

  • 70+ business mentors who personally work toward the success of your enterprise
  • 70+ training, investor-panel, sales, presentation-related, and community events each year
  • A pleasant centre for co-working at Science and Business Park Tehnopol
  • A shortcut to international conferences

We have already worked with more than 500 technology-based startups, who have reached EUR 27M in investments and 60% of them continue to operate sustainably today.


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