Startup Incubator

Tehnopol Startup Incubator helps your startup to get going with an efficient mentoring programme, relevant training and a convenient co-working hub.

We invest up to 10000€ worth of expertize to your world-changing team in a year to find the first seed investment or reach export markets. Our main focus areas are ICT, green and health technologies.

We help you to:

  • Build a sustainable business model
  • Create a product the content and technical specifications of which correspond to the expectations of customers
  • Reach the first clients with the assistance of a sales, marketing, and public-relations management plan
  • Find common ground with investors, business partners, and clients
  • Cultivate the required private investments

We offer you:

  • 60+ business mentors who personally work toward the success of your enterprise
  • 70+ training, investor-panel, sales, presentation-related, and community events each year
  • A pleasant centre for co-working at Science Park Tehnopol
  • A shortcut to international conferences

We have already worked with more than 230 technology-based startups, who have reached EUR 18M in investments and 60% of them continue to operate sustainably today.


If you are active in the field of ICT, green technology, health technology, or space technology, then…


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If you have a cool idea, you can benefit from EUR 35,000 in grant, specialists in the relevant activities, and recognised mentors to create a working prototype and start your business successfully!


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