Innovation Program

Innovation Program helps to increase the company’s innovation activities, encourages to develop solutions and apply them in a new way, shortens the innovation cycle, and turns development activities into need-based activities.

We have helped and encouraged companies for 15 years, regarding product development, digitalisation, and the implementation of future technologies. Today, we can say with confidence that we have developed a model that actually works and turned it into innovation programme Momentum, created for companies and the public sector.

It does not matter whether you have a pharmaceutical company, produce electronics, or are active in the public sector – the technologies and validated solutions are often the same. However, the part that concerns the needs of your organisation in particular changes and we can tackle them together.

The duration of Innovation Program depends on your needs. Usually, we start with an innovation audit, continue with idea creation, followed by the primary prototyping of the solutions, for instance, in the form of a hackathon, and finalised by implementing the solutions, so all good ideas would become real products and services.

To ensure the best results, we shall involve the best mentors in the process and, if desired, different external interest groups and members of the society.

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