HealthTech Community

We believe that Estonia is the best place for launching and developing health technology companies. We invite you to join Estonia’s largest health technology community, which includes the former Connected Health cluster. We bring together healthcare providers, health technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and all other essential stakeholders in the field. We are part of international networks that can help your company succeed both within and beyond Estonia’s borders.

HealthTech Community in Tehnopol

Providers of health IT Read more

if you want to develop a digital health service, software for both domestic and external markets, or are looking for an option to test a service or software, we will help you to reach new markets and find new opportunities.

Digital health startups Read more

if you want to develop a digital health service for domestic and foreign markets alike or are seeking an option for testing a service or software, we can help you reach new markets and gain new opportunities.

Health-care service providers Read more

if you are looking for innovative solutions for tackling challenges in your field, we will introduce you to partners who provide innovative solutions.

Universities, research institutes, and biotechnology enterprises Read more

we will help you find funding opportunities and international and Estonian partners to participate in international projects.

Pharmaceutical-industry Read more

if you are looking for innovative solutions to solve problems related to your field (infections, chronic diseases, etc.), we will help you with finding partners and with implementing joint projects and innovation programmes.

Public-sector, professional associations and other communities Read more

if you want to cultivate partnerships and enhanced dialogue to develop and implement health-care services for both treatment and prevention, we will help you to bring together interested parties and will contribute to organising the discussions that ensue, and if you are seeking innovative solutions for challenges related to your field, we can help you find partners who provide solutions and to launch programmes for finding solutions of your own.


  • Startups
  • Medium-sized and large enterprises
  • Hospitals and other health-care service providers
  • Research institutes and universities

We support enterprises:

  • With export
  • Via mentoring and contacts
  • By means of innovation services
  • By providing a community and events
  • Through funding
  • Via TUT’s resources

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