Innovation Services

Tehnopol’s innovation services help your company to remain several steps ahead of your competitors. If you want to start using the technologies of the future today, we can help you to do so. We are excited to help create new products, services and solutions.

The Innovation Leaders Club is a community whose joint efforts, cooperation on innovation, and constant exchange of ideas smooth the way for the novel solutions of the future that have put Estonian businesses on the frontline of global innovation. By supporting the transfer of innovation to businesses, we contribute to growth in the Estonian economy and to ensuring sustainability.

The Innovation Leaders Club is one of the innovation services at Tehnopol, and it was set up jointly with the SEB Innovation Centre.

  • Define your own innovation strategy and make planned and well-focused investment in R&D
  • Learn from best practice in Estonia and elsewhere and import those solutions into your own organisation
  • Work systematically with the best startup and scale-up technology companies and learn about effective processes from them
  • Identify the innovation potential within your company and make it a sustainable competitive edge in your innovation programmes and activities
  • A thorough innovation audit
  • The Innovation Leaders Club
  • Meetings with the best startup and scale-up companies to review what is happening in technology and innovation
  • An innovation programme created as a special solution that includes training, internal development programmes, spin-off companies, and programmes to launch new business directions
  • Large companies interested in innovation and development
  • Public sector institutions interested in innovation and development
  • Enterprise support organisations and professional associations
  • Universities and educational institutions

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