Bisly is a nominee for the Baltic Assembly Prize for Innovation

At the beginning of November, the Baltic Assembly – an association of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian parliamentarians – gathered for their 40th term in Vilnius Lithuania. As a long-standing tradition, the assembly prizes and medals were presented during the gala dinner. The best ones in the field of technology and innovation were also recognized. Bisly, as the developer of the innovative smart building technology, was selected as a finalist among the TOP 3 companies in the field.

“We’ve been working with the Baltic Assembly every year to determine the most innovative companies
in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Dozens of technology companies took part in the competition once again this year and I am very happy that Bisly was among the best three. This time, the Baltic Assembly had a clear focus on green and high-tech business sectors when identifying the best. Bisly stood out in this category, because despite the short history of the company, a remarkable product has been created, the company has expanded quickly and the necessary capital for growth has been raised. All of these things became deciding factors in brining the Assembly’s recognition to Estonia,“ Martin Goroško, Business Development Manager of the Tehnopol Science and Business Park, commented on the successful participation of Bisly.

Connecting the Baltic science and technology parks, the umbrella organization BASTIC – the Baltic Association of Science, Technology Parks and Innovation Centers – is a network of development, support and practice exchange that connects, informs and educates the innovation communities in the Baltic Sea region. From Estonia, Tehnopol Science and Business Park as well as Tartu Science Park are a part of the network.

Bisly belongs to the Estonian Green Technology Cluster, founded by Tehnopol and Pakri Science and Industry Park. It’s a nationwide partnership between Estonian green technology interest groups, who are committed to promoting environmentally sustainable technology solutions both on an international scale as well as for commercial purposes.

“Bisly develops new smart building technologies, which enable significant energy savings. This is vital in order to meet the goals of climate neutrality. We offer our export and mentor network to help Bisly with their export plans and to support them when entering new markets. This innovation award brings international attention, which has a long-lasting impact and is an integral part of building international brand awareness,“ said Ragmar Saksing, head of the green technology cluster at Tehnopol.

Bisly is well on its way to entering foreign markets and thanks to the 1.7 million euro investment
raised over the summer, the company has been able to expand its export, sales and development teams, needed to branch out to new markets.

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