Coffee Morning with STEM-powered Female Developers and Engineers

Startup Incubator’s March Coffee Morning salutes women in tech. Four developers from Microsoft Eesti, Thorgate, Mooncascade and Bigbank Eesti with a very different background, share their experiences on working in tech-driven companies.

All four have chosen a career in #STEM that is steadily becoming a trend among the new generation. Although in many companies, female developers and engineers are still outnumbered by their male colleagues, we focus on their cool career choices.

Jelena Solodovnikova is a Senior Software Developer at Skype. She has 10 years of experience in developing applications on various mobile platforms. Jelena started her career as Quality Assurance Engineer in a company specializing on wireless data synchronization. as she was working closely with world’s largest wireless carriers and OEMs. In Skype, she started working as Operators Lead to work as a Windows Phone OEMs Lead. Currently, Jelena is working on Skype and Microsoft Teams products development.

Tuule Sõber from Thorgate is the company’s only female developer. She graduated from University of Tartu with a degree in Informatics, intent on diving straight into IT. Having previously focused on Business Analysis, she landed an internship in Swedbank where she advanced the analysis methods of the bank’s huge data warehouse. After a brief interlude of saving turtles in Mexico, she decided to go from a company with 2000+ employees to one with just 25. The last year and a half as a full-stack developer have been filled with building and designing web apps, tracking down annoying bugs, pushing pixels, and loads of learning every single day.

Nele Sergejeva leads the engineering team in Bigbank Eesti and is a proficient team lead and product engineer. She is also one of the board members at Tech Sisters, non-profit organisation with a vision to inspire, educate and encourage women and girls in technology and IT.

Coffee Morning’s fourth speaker is Tuuli Haus who, after four years in logistics sector decided to go in another direction with her career, quit her job, wrote her first “Hello World!” and started learning. Six months later she joined Mooncascade as a front-end developer. Her days are now filled with exploring the world of software engineering, learning something new each day.

Join us over a good coffee for a morning full of inspirational talks where we four women discuss how their professional careers leap forward. Tehnopol Startup Incubator’s Coffee Morning takes place on 28 March at Mäealuse 2/1 II floor.

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