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If you start thinking about it – every company has to become a tech company these days. It means technology is affecting every industry. As solutions for consumers are changing to more digital, suppliers have to also adapt to those changes.

And of course – technology makes us more effective – so for companies it is a competitive advantage to use technology as much as possible. But some companies are going further than just applying digital technologies to existing functions. That means there are companies who are reinventing customer experience and building new business models. These innovation leaders seek to develop unique, proprietary, and hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances that have the power to create their own markets or disrupt existing industries. Following the past decade of digital innovation, these deep technologies, which will be at the center of the next wave of industrial and information revolution, represent the “next big thing” that venture investors are looking for. Did you recognize yourself already? Or know somebody who relates to the expression “next big thing”? We’ve got something for you and your friends. 

Scale-up Champions incubation is assembled to boost deep tech startups who are reinventing the way we think and consume. The program connects startups across Europe with their local tech hubs offering comprehensive coaching, mentoring, and training curriculum to help startups create a solid business model in foreign markets. In September- November 2020, without physical travels, startups get an access to the workshops held by international deep-tech superstars. More than offering a pure training program, Scale-up Champions incubation program serves as a matchmaker between startups and corporates eager to cooperate and develop deep-tech innovation together. In addition, startups can benefit from a large network of investors and deep-tech founders. Thanks to the founder-to-founder learning, startups will be introduced to like-minded founders, allowing them inspire each other, share experiences and know-how.

Conditions to apply:

•   Prototype/product ready as MVP

•   Ready for seed round or series A funding

•   Global potential

•   Product-market fit

•   Motivation to scale-up

•   Benefit to the startup ecosystem.

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