Community of Smart Technologies

If you develop software, supply IT systems or provide smart city solutions, we invite you to join the  community of smart technologies at Tehnopol. We offer you our export and mentorship network to help in developing new products and services, making export plans and entering new markets. We will put our extensive international contact network composed of other science parks, innovation centres and international sales experts to work to help your company.

We support the growth of Estonia’s IT companies and co-operate closely with the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Also, we are a partner in the Smart City Cluster.

Smart technologies

Software development Read more

if you are looking to develop software, offer IT services for outside markets, or provide software testing, then we can help you to reach new markets.

Smart city solutions Read more

we will help your company find new co-operation options (in the fields of transport, energy savings, social and well-being services, and open platforms for cities) among local governments in Estonia and other countries. We are part of the Smart City Cluster, and we co-operate closely with the Tallinn City Government.

Big data Read more

we will help your company to implement Big Data solutions, process data, and develop new products and services.

Industry 4.0 Read more

we provide industrial enterprises with industry-digitalisation solutions, and we are active in international networks in this field.

Other solutions Read more

we also welcome enterprises active in developing blockchain, audio software, logistics, or other exciting IT solutions to our family.


  • Startups
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Large enterprises

We support enterprises:

  • Through export
  • Via mentoring and contacts
  • With innovation services
  • By means of a community and events
  • Through funding
  • With TUT’s resources

Our partners

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