Eight start-ups began their journey at the Cyber Accelerator

Tehnopol Startup Incubator, in collaboration with the Information System Authority (RIA) and the European Cybersecurity Competence Center (ECCC), is implementing a Cyber Accelerator that will help 15 start-ups develop their products or services over the next two years. The first round began its journey on September 12th.

The goal of the accelerator programme is to create new products and start-ups in the field of cybersecurity. This will bring new cybersecurity products and services to the market that will benefit other companies as well. Teams accepted into the accelerator programme receive top-notch guidance for developing their ideas and up to 48,000 euros in funding.

In the first round of the cyber accelerator, eight start-ups are participating:

Complok is a fast-growing start-up whose mission is to help compliance teams work more conveniently by automating the risk assessment process. They provide an operational risk management tool for compliance teams in fintechs and banks.

Kordon is a platform for proper information security management in companies, allowing them to manage information security activities, assets, and risks according to the chosen framework (e.g., ISO27001, E-ITS, AICPA SOC 2, CIS 18, etc.). Kordon accelerates the client’s preparation for certification audits and allows the client’s information security manager to manage the program without hiring an internal auditor.

Stealth Syntax is a data privacy solution that offers a secure interface for businesses to interact with large language models like ChatGPT. Our core offering, a code obfuscation tool and deobfuscation tool, caters particularly to developers who can debug or add functionalities to their code without worrying about potential privacy violations.

PhisBite is developing a continuous or long-term data phishing simulation in SAAS format, using text generation software. It automatically collects feedback on the client’s data phishing security, making assessments of their data phishing security more accessible and resource-efficient.

Internet Balancing Formula Corporation is an Estonian start-up company, which has the goal of developing a service to assess the content of user postings in digital portals. This service enables to automatically assess the legality of the content and balance conflicting rights through a mathematical formula, thereby increasing the confidentiality and availability of information in these portals.

Trust Dynamics offers Hardware Security Module (HSM) services, solving the problem of complex HSM integration and knowledge gaps in businesses. The goal is to provide easy and cost-effective access to HSMs, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives while maintaining a high level of security.

SentinelX is developing a platform for reducing phishing and GDPR risks.

ByteHide is the first all-in-one security platform to protect distributed software, mobile applications and IoT in a simple and automatic way, covering the need for companies to deploy their secure software and also continue securing it in end environments that the software developer cannot control or trust.

Participating companies in the accelerator programme undergo a comprehensive training series and receive support from dedicated lead mentors. Additionally, teams have the opportunity to consult with expert mentors from various fields (legal, financial, marketing, sales, IP protection, etc.).

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