Entertainment startup BaBash raises 100,000 euros

To digitize its services, BaBash, a fresh alumnus of the Startup Incubator has just opened a € 100,000 investment round. The greater goal of the digital platform BaBash is to reduce the queues of nightclubs, bars and pubs and to simplify the ordering and service process.

The investment round is led by Raido Pikkar, chairman of Thorgate, and investors include Shannon’s lead singer Taavi Immato and presenter Robert Rool, who believe in the need to digitize the field. The current funding round takes place through a co-funding platform and offers BaBash’s users, event organizers and others the opportunity to invest in this fast-growing start-up. The funding round will take place through the co-financing platform Fundwise.

According to BaBash’s CEO and co-founder Andrei Stepin, the goal of this investment round was to accelerate sales and marketing to a large extent in both Estonia and the Baltics, as well as further product development and hiring new team members for sales and marketing.

“The need to digitize events and entertainment services cannot be ignored, especially in the light of the changes that took place during the global pandemic,” said Raido Pikkar, lead investor in Thorgate, commenting on the investment round. “After the sale of GateMe, part of the Thorgate Group, to Babash, we will be able to support their success story as much as possible and continue to be a part of it through investing.”

The BaBash app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. Today, they have reached more than 2,500 users and 195+ entertainment facilities in the Baltics. Recently, BaBash announced the purchase of the guest management software GateMe, which has also once taken off in the Startup Incubator program.

The GateMe system is already used by many venues and event organizers, from Studio and Vabank to Elamusstuudio. “Thanks to this purchase, we gained access to more than 30,000 GateMe users, 1600+ point-of-sale positions and ~ 2,000 euros of MRR recurring revenue (before COVID).”

You can read more about Babash’s development plans and operational focuses on the pitch of the investment circle here or on their website.


Famous players in the world of entertainment, TV host Robert Rool and Shannon’s lead singer Taavi Immato invested in Babash, a digitizing app in their field.

Taavi Immato has advised the Babash team and helped them understand the needs of the entertainment world. “I like the service of this app and I have a lot of trust in the Babash team,” Immato added and advised everyone to download Babash before the eventful summer season.

“Babash develops our industry and makes the lives of organizers and visitors of entertainment events much easier and more comfortable. Babash brings together and digitizes all the essential services related to events. Through the application, you can get an instant overview of open entertainment venues, buy tickets for events, book a table in nightclubs or bars, and make contactless orders without queuing, ”said Taavi Immato.

As one of his first investments, Robert Rool also decided to invest in Babash, which he has advised and monitored since the beginning of its creation. “I have a lot of trust in the Babash guys, I’ve known them for a while and I also participated in the test period of their app before the crisis, when all the entertainment places were still open. The Babash app makes it really convenient to use entertainment services, they are all well thought out and it works,” described Robert his first investment decision.

According to Robert, Babash’s leaders are consistent and balanced, and their recent acquisition of GateMe is also a logical continuation of their activities, which helps to manage event visitors quickly and efficiently at the door. “I’ve been keeping an eye on start-ups lately and I’m happy to support young ventures that seem exciting. I have always been interested in finding passive investment opportunities,” added Rool.

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