For the first time, the Startup Incubator’s accelerator program features only foreign startups

Tehnopol Startup Incubator has launched an acceleration program welcoming Turkish startups. Notably, this marks the first time in the history of the Startup Incubator that the program exclusively features foreign enterprises.
Over the course of two months, the accelerator program will host Turkish startups whose core business concepts are anchored in AI solutions. Tehnopol has successfully conducted a range of AI-focused initiatives, accumulating substantial expertise and knowledge in the field. Within the AI accelerator, Turkish early-stage companies will have access to experienced mentors from Estonia and across Europe. They will also benefit from a wealth of specialized training and expert guidance. Furthermore, the accelerator will facilitate their expansion into international markets and provide invaluable access to global investors.
Turkish startups are participating in the Tehnopol Startup Incubator program in partnership with Studio10x, a company headquartered in Istanbul, which, much like Tehnopol, is dedicated to supporting startups and growth-stage businesses.
Participating startups:

Shipicons is a logistics technologies initiative that analyzes the operational and financial structures of companies that want to export or improve their exports and offers new and alternative supply chain plans.
AYVOS-Holocrow is a unique video analytics and image processing platform allows customers to connect their existing mounted CCTV cameras for analyzing the outputs through a click through and click and use approach.
Symetricx is a Customer Experience Design & Social Media Analysis Platform.
Sweephy is a SaaS platform that enables the creation of value from data using the latest open-source machine learning, and natural language processing models without the need for code knowledge.
MirAI Industrial Data Solutions Software Inc is developing industrial IoT data collection units and monitoring tools to assist SMEs in the production field.
Orbina AI is an artificial intelligence assistant specially developed for individuals and institutions, automating creative content production.
Longstage® is a blockchain and AI powered computer game.
TheClico is an online reputation management software that analyzes customer feedback from different platforms for large-scale brands that receive more than 5,000 feedback monthly from +5 feedback channels, with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning models and instantly collects it in the control panel interface.
Ali Osman Alpagu – Kuasar Video is an artificial intelligence initiative that analyses social media video for companies and agencies and solves the needs of the target audience.
RobotQA provides a codeless mobile native and web app testing platform and mobile device park, which helps to find bugs before end users.

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