Innovation Leaders Club – a bridge between corporations and startups

On August 26, more than a hundred people from different companies and organizations gathered in science and business park Tehnopol to start the first season of the Innovation Leaders Club together. Representatives from both international corporations and various start-ups participated in the panels of the opening event, which was created in cooperation between SEB and Tehnopol.

In his opening speech, Mart Maasik, SEB’s business innovation manager, explained the need for the Innovation Leaders’ Club: “We have seen that there is often cooperation for example between two companies, but there is no communication between industries, which would make cooperation more systematic.” Martin Goroško, Tehnopol’s Head of Business Development, added: “In Estonia, the landscape of both start-ups and corporations is very vibrant and varied, but we do not have a system to bring the two sides together. The main goal of this club is to create a new community to learn from each other and create a network.”

The discussion panels exchanged views on corporate innovation and discussed in more detail the cooperation between start-ups and corporations. Representatives from the Global Scaling Academy, Result, Stora Enso, MindTitan and Feelingstream shared their expert advice. During the discussion panels, an artist also made drawings and notes on the content of the panels, from whose materials a handbook for companies for the implementation of innovation solutions will be compiled at the end of the club’s season.

Despite the fact that the opening event of the club has taken place, it is still possible to join the club. Tehnopol and SEB are looking for members from corporations, start-ups and the public sector who are constantly looking for new solutions to make life around us better. It doesn’t matter what is written on your business card, but what ambition and interest you have in the innovation landscape. Become a member here!
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