Level11 is an innovative co-operation programme, which brings together progressive large enterprises and Estonian start-ups to initiate joint innovation projects. In two years, we help to bring together 50 large enterprises and 60 start-ups to result in at least 7 success stories via research and development activities, product development, cross-use of technologies, and innovative solutions.


For this purpose, we shall bring together start-ups with great potential and large enterprises looking for different new solutions.


In addition, we created a unique community in Estonia, bringing together the innovation leaders of large enterprises, for whom we organise exciting seminars and opportunities to peek behind the scenes of innovative Estonian enterprises.


Today, our co-operation accelerator includes four co-operation projects in the fields of customer service, production process monitoring, communications software, and health technologies.


Participating in the programme is free for the enterprises.


Tehnopol organises the Level11 co-operation programme in co-operation with BDA Consulting, under Kredex’s order.


See more information and join in the programme on its website.

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