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The sharing economy market is exploding and as a result, society’s attitude towards owning “things” is decreasing. Car ownership costs in cities are increasing. Thus, making extra income from services like Airbnb is becoming more attractive to individuals. User awareness and acceptance of local renting is also increasing.

People often think that running a successful business and having a beneficial impact on the environment are two contradicting goals. We on the other hand, believe that it is possible to connect them—work towards a greener environment while earning money simultaneously. Similarly to Airbnb, we want to use existing resources rationally. Join the journey and start making your living environment greener.


Currently, the neighbourhood car rental market is poorly served. At the same time, tons of cars are mostly idle. For example, there are over 600,000 private cars and over 630,000 driver’s license holders in Estonia. As you probably already know, cars create pollution, traffic congestion, and parking problems, among other issues. A study that was carried out in the U.S. last year, indicated that one shared car can lead to the reduction of 5 to 15 cars from the streets.

Car owners incur costs every single day (i.e. depreciation), yet they are only using the car 8% of the time (based on our assumption that the car is used for 1 hour driving to work and 1 hour to drive back home; car usage 2h out of 24h= ~8,3%). We offer a unique chance for car owners to reduce their expenditures and for renters to find suitable cars nearby at affordable prices and flexible terms. Our vision is for renters to be able to find the perfect make, model, and colour car within a five-minute walking distance.


To make our environment more sustainable and cost effective, we created Autolevi—the peer-to-peer car rental platform. It is an easy and secure way to rent out a personal car.

For car owners, we provide renter screenings, world-class contracts, peer-to-peer car rental insurance, marketing, and an easy to use marketplace for managing all rental-related activities (including contracts, transaction history, feedback, rental calendar, notification systems, and other important features). With us, owners can make extra money and reduce their car expenses—potentially even earning back their car costs.

For the renter, we offer an easy to use solution to get a full overview of the market. We have a wide selection of cars with close locations and affordable prices. Renters can trust that they will get the car that they booked without a deposit. This includes a simple, fast, and convenient rental process which is available 24/7. The cherry on the top—with us, renters can solve their previous transportation problems while being environmentally friendly and frugal.

Autolevi earns its revenue from a 25% transaction fee.

Autolevi is a successful alumni of Tehnopol Startup Incubator.

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