Lauri Luik became a new member of Tehnopol’s Supervisory Board

The minister of Information Technology and Entrepreneurship Andres Sutt appointed Lauri Luik to Tehnopol’s Supervisory Board. The Tehnopol team wishes Luik good luck and success in his new position!

Lauri Luik has graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a master’s degree in computer and systems engineering. He also has long-term experience in the public sector, having been a member of the Parliament in 2007-2019 and of a local government council from 2002 until now. Luik is currently involved in green-tech by developing Cuploop, which produces vending machines for reusable packaging. According to Luik, it is important to combine the contacts and experiences gained so far in three sectors to support Tehnopol’s development.

Luik explained that due to the small size of Estonia, it is important to establish sectoral cooperation. “However, it is often the case that everyone tends to pull the blanket onto themselves, so there is no synergy because everyone considers themselves the most important. In the end, therefore, the implementation of a common spirit of cooperation is left out. We have already come a long way and we must continue to work so that the sectoral support organizations can provide a platform for further cooperation,” he explained.

Luik added that he also considers the synergy between science and business to be important, which has been receiving more and more attention recently. “This direction definitely needs to be further developed so that the outputs are even more concrete for both academics and private entrepreneurs. We need to train professionals with a real output that the market needs. This situation has improved considerably compared to when I graduated from university – at that time many people were trained in educational institutions in ways that often had no direct application in business. Substantive learning did not begin until the person arrived for work at a company. This is partly inevitable and natural, but at the same time, it is important that the output that comes from universities fits better with the input that businesses need. It is also vital for the academic side to partner with entrepreneurs who, for example, fund certain curricula – the cooperation should be reciprocal. Here again, Tehnopol has an important role as a point of contact between business, science and the public sector,” said Luik.

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