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Managing a startup is easy! But managing a truly successful one? In order to really succeed with your startup and become the next Estonian unicorn, a short-term plan is not enough, a long-term strategy is needed – much like in chess. Tehnopol Startup Incubator is the best gameboard for growing your startup, offering a program and conditions that allow you to truly delve into the development of your startup and pave the way for success.

As of April 1st, a new application round for the fourth round of Tehnopol Startup Incubator is open. The vigorous incubation program lasts six months. During this period, a series of practical training for your early stage startup is carried out alongside a dedicated key mentor. You will also have support from mentors in the fields You need support with – starting from Greentech and Healthtech to Investor readiness, Legal advice and Business development and export. Tehnpol also has modern workspace and testgrounds for product testing. The program is further enhanced by additional educational events and trainings, community support and a network of contacts.

The program, happening in a cohort format for the fourth time, has proved its worth. The program offers a six-part training module from marketing to law and helps to find investors both in Estonia and other countries as well. The application period runs until April 25th.

The program focuses on companies with a focus on business-to-business technologies, green technology, health technology, knowledge-intensive technologies and public sector digital solutions. “According to general statistics, less than 10% of startups survive, meanwhile 60% of the graduates of our vigorous program are viable,” said Kadri Tammai, head of Tehnopol Startup Incubator. Lets succeed greatly together or fail together!

The program will start in May 2021 and additional information about the program can be found here, a short application form must be filled in to apply. Push in the next gear and join the Tehnopol Startup Incubator!

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