Merilin Varsamaa becomes the Head of the Health Technology Division at Tehnopol

Merilin Varsamaa will start her role as the Head of the Health Technology Sector at the Tehnopol Science and Business Park on September 1st. Previously, Merilin Varsamaa served as the Head of Innovation at Tehnopol, where she developed the largest innovation community in the Baltic region, the Innovation Leaders Club, over the course of two years. She supported companies in innovation development, planning, and management, assisting in the creation of new products and services across various sectors.

According to Martin Goroško, Tehnopol’s Business Service Manager, the community of health technology companies is crucial for Tehnopol, as it fosters innovation in the sector. “I am pleased that Merilin will lead services supporting the growth of sector companies and related organizations. Merilin has valuable experience in developing such services and bringing them to companies. Additionally, she has experience in building and growing strong communities,” said Goroško.

“I aim to support Estonian health sector companies and organizations, helping them find funding opportunities that enable them to expand into international markets and implement world changing pilot projects. Tehnopol’s health technology community has grown into a significant and respected player in its field, and I hope to maintain and develop this community further. Undoubtedly, this is a great opportunity to contribute to the broader development of the sector and have a say in policy-making,” stated Merilin Varsamaa.

Varsamaa has previously worked at the Ministry of Social Affairs in various health projects as an advisor in the Department of Health System Development. She has also served as an Office and Process Manager at the Estonian telemedicine startup Viveo Health. She graduated cum laude from Tallinn University of Technology with a Master’s degree in Digital Health, focusing on the capabilities of digital solutions in cervical cancer prevention. In addition, she completed her studies in health promotion at the Tallinn Health Care College and gained practical experience in various prevention-related roles in different companies.

Varsamaa is no stranger to Tehnopol’s health technology community, having led joint depression patient treatment pathway projects with Johnson & Johnson, supported the mapping of hospital innovation capabilities and activities, and provided mentorship within the Urban Tech project to several health technology companies.

Piret Hirv, the previous Head of the Health Technology Sector and the Connected Health Cluster at Tehnopol, took on new challenges in mid-August. Under Hirv’s leadership, the cluster became a strong player both in Estonia and internationally, and Tehnopol grew into the largest organization that brings together sector companies, hospitals, and universities. We wish Piret all the best in her new endeavors and sincerely thank her for her contributions!

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