EV Nobe 100 3-wheeler electric car catches eyes and investors

Nobe, which is a startup in Tehnopol Startup Incubator is designing and manufacturing original, new vintage, 3 wheeler electrical vehicles. Their new model EV NOBE 100 is the new light vintage car, which looks awesome and retro!

Their mission is to change people’s perceptions and driving habits by making the electric car both look stylish, timeless and sustainable. They are making the Nobe upgradeable and recyclable as we bring about an end to the disposable car that instantly start decreasing in value, becomes outdated and are scrapped.

NOBE’s vision is to make our cities greener without having to compromise the class and they want you to become a part of their future and the company goal is to make the NOBE upgradeable, recyclable, sustainable and absolutely fantastic. 

Come and join them in making automotive history by making the first light, neo-retro EV, The Nobe 100. Their goal is global and will attract an audience who wants to help change the world, all whilst experiencing the same. All investors become a Nobe ambassador with their name in the factory, get a discount on the upgradable parts and benefits in the digital skin Nobe app. You can find all the information http://fundedbyme.com/nobe.


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