Nominees for Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards Revealed

Photo: The City of Tallinn

The nominees for Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards have been selected. A total of 70 candidates were submitted in seven main categories, from which the winners will be announced on September 27th. We are glad to announce that Tehnopol and several of our good collaboration partners are among the nominees.

The categories include the Best Development Project, Collaboration Project, Bright Newcomer, Tourism Achievement, Job Creator, Solution of the Future, and Eco-Innovation. Additionally, awards will be given for the best applied research projects.

According to Joosep Vimm, the Chairman of the Evaluation Committee and Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, making the selection was delightfully difficult. “Despite several challenging years, many companies have shown the ability to adapt quickly and lead in innovation. We are also pleased that several remarkable developments have been successfully completed and maintained over the last few years. The record number of applications received in the Solution of the Future category this year is a testament to the forward-thinking approach of Tallinn’s entrepreneurs,” Vimm said.

From the 70 candidates submitted in the main categories, the nominees were selected based on the significant impact they had on the development of Tallinn’s business environment or tourism industry, as well as their economic value and innovativeness.

The nominees for this year’s Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards are as follows:

Best Development Project 2023:

  • Tehnopol and Astlanda’s new office building, OÜ Astlanda Ehitus;
  • Tammsaare 56 office building in Park Tondi quarter, US Real Estate OÜ;
  • Alma Tominga office building and Öpik quarter in Ülemiste City, Mainor Ülemiste AS;
  • Tähesaju Kaksikud, Restate Property Developers OÜ.

Collaboration Project 2023:

  • Unified classification system for Construction Industry CCI testing project, Digitaalehituse klaster (MTÜ Digitaalehitus)
  • NATO DIANA Innovation Accelerator, SA Tallinna Teaduspark Tehnopol;
  • Tango Collaboration Network, Itella Estonia OÜ and Ringo Eco OÜ.

Bright Newcomer 2023:

  • WasteLocker OÜ;
  • Iglupark OÜ;
  • Workbite Recruiting OÜ.

Tourism Achievement 2023:

  • Closer to the sky! Glass elevator in the Niguliste tower, SA Eesti Kunstimuuseum;
  • IFMSA March Meeting 2023, Eesti Arstiteadusüliõpilaste Selts;
  • Latitude59 2023, Mittetulundusühing Latitude59;
  • TALLINN OPEN – Kristjan Palusalu Memorial Youth Wrestling Tournament, Mittetulundusühing Tallinn Open.

Job Creator 2023:

  • Nordea Bank Abp Estonian branch;
  • Bolt Technology OÜ;
  • GScan OÜ;
  • Wise Payments Limited Estonian branch.

Solution of the Future 2023:

  • Liikluslab Baltic OÜ, virtual driving exams and AI-created driving instruction materials;
  • Hotelbuddy Technology OÜ, HotelBuddy contactless self-service platform for hotels;
  • AuVe Tech OÜ, Next-generation autonomous vehicle MiCa;
  • GScan OÜ, MFT-based 3D scanners.

Eco-Innovation 2023:

  • Aktsiaselts Mainor, Green City web-based service;
  • KIOKO OÜ, production of children’s clothing from textile waste;
  • OÜ Vegestar, development and production of plant-based protein meat alternatives;
  • Baubauwall/ OÜ Digitrükk, design, printing, and sales of interior wallpapers.

Additionally, special awards will be given for the best applied research projects in collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the Foundation of Estonian Universities of Applied Sciences. A total of 54 research projects were nominated.

The Entrepreneurship Awards is part of the annual Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day, which will take place this year on September 26th. The theme of the 20th Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day is “Skills That Matter in Future Entrepreneurship.” Throughout the event, the focus will be on understanding the current and future needs across various sectors, and for leaders in different roles

The Entrepreneurship Day will offer 53 different seminars where both entrepreneurs and professional speakers, including from Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, Mainor Entrepreneurship College, as well as from organizations including Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Science and Business Park Tehnopol, Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, Visionest Institute, Association of Estonian Food Industry, Tallinn Creative Incubator, and others, will share their insights on entrepreneurship.

These seminars will take place in nine different conference halls and will cover topics relevant to product development, sales activities, personnel selection, and issues related to artificial intelligence.

You can register for the Entrepreneurship Day seminars at

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