Northbound Startups Final Event: do good, do business

Set your course once again for Turku and Å pitch & Final Event of Northbound Startups. Our themes in the Final Event are the success stories and continuum of the project activities. In addition to the keynote speech we will also have a refreshing panel and moderated stage discussions on investors’ and startups’ cooperation.

After the keynote speech and discussions we will cruise the River Aura on the Aura River Ferry and hear interesting, innovative, and inspiring pitches from international startups across the Baltic Sea region. 

The theme of the event is “do good, do business”. This means we are looking for startups centered around sustainable business that provide solutions that “do good”, be it combating climate change, fostering sustainable development, peace tech, water, waste and food solutions, trustworthy AI, etc. Of course, the businesses also need to “do business” and have solid business plans.

See what the event consists of and register HERE:

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