PowerUp! 2018 – energy sector needs a cyber security system

EIT Innoenergy PowerUp! 2018 writes in its blog series: the energy sector is the second most-targeted sector after public administration by cybercriminals. 16 percent cyber attacks are aimed precisely at this industry. Therefore, the European energy sector should be even more involved in building a coherent cyber security system and implement a comprehensive approach to building a cyber security culture.

Companies operating in this area strive for multiplication of security layers around critical systems. Security must not only multi-layered, but also multiple, leading to safety in the environment software systems, physical infrastructure and human perception. First, the boards must be sure that their software is fully updated and is compatible with known sensitivities and in accordance with international standards (e.g. SDLA certificates). This ensures that the supplier provides conditions in its products cybersecurity and guarantees the lifetime of the process. 

At the moment, InnoEnergy supports only one cyber security startup. Needs are much bigger! Foreseeti from Sweden is a forerunner in cyber security management using state-of-the-art technologies. Flagship product Foreseeti, securi- CAD, enables companies to effectively manage their security architecture on the network. Start-up implements its plan to become a global leader in cyber security management not only in the energy sector, but also in the banking sector.

Recommendation for innovators: The digitization of the power industry should force companies to take advantage of electricity and home security services against home and access networks from cyber attacks. Generally, traditional energy is just beginning to think about issues in the field of cyber security. Start-ups were able to bring a fresh perspective on this subject, especially in the area of residents’ safety.

The consequences of cyber attacks can be particularly serious for companies related to energy. Many problems result from the modernization of SCADA systems in enterprises, especially when it comes to very old systems that create problems with stability.

It is necessary to understand the importance of this phenomenon: only in 2013 the real effect of cyber attacks on industrial control systems on a global scale in 5% of these hacking activities led to fatalities in the immediate environment. While attacking a computer in the IT area in the worst case results in the loss of the ability to use e-mail, in the case of the energy supply industry – the result could be a loss of life by the service staff and operation in the currently key sector of the economy. If the cyber attack leads to introduction of false data on the history of the process into the software and sending them to the system alarming, this will result in dismantling actions in the detection and deletion process mistakes. It is possible to operate incorrectly and in the case of a scenario the worst – causing a dramatic accident.

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(Source: powerup.innoenergy.com

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