Prototron Spring Round – 230 ideas from teleportation to cryptocurrency


Thursday, March 15th was the last day to apply for Spring round of Prototron and it was closed with 230+ ideas from Estonia and other countries. Transport, medicine and solutions to improve our everyday life were most common fields.

This round brought many ideas, based on science. Solutions formulated in research and thesis is a sign, that Estonian scientists are taking big steps to commercialise their research work. This is only positive and clearly a mark, how necessary were the changes we made in Prototron to finance ideas of TTU intellectual property.
Several ideas were to improve car engine and gadgets. Modernised energy source, solutions for children and pregnant woman, development of drones, different API and ideas, which use blockchain, and even proposal to start teleportation – this is the pool of the ideas our experts will start access next two weeks.

Established in 2012 by Swedbank, Tehnopol and Tallinn University of Technology, Prototron is now marking its sixth year by raising this year’s total support amount to 130 000 euros.
In addition to financial support, Prototron also provides mentorship and valuable contact networks of potential investors as part of the training programme for the applicants. . The winners will be awarded with a six-month free incubation space at Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and legal assistance from Hedman Partners.
In 5 years Prototron received applications with 29000 different business ideas, including 58 project that were successful in receiving funding of 670 000 in total for creating the prototypes vital for their product development process. Thanks to Prototron, 24 new products have successfully been launched to the market.


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