Startup Incubator welcomed a new batch of startups

Tehnopol Startup Incubator welcomed a new batch of startups who began their 6-month journey in the growth programme. This time the batch is quite international – we have founders from Colombia, India, Canada and of course from Estonia.

Startups in the new batch are:

Wayren – The first data exchange platform which enables cost-effective smart and IoT solutions even in the most demanding environments.

NutriDecode – A holistic meal planning solution that redefines the way we eat. It creates your personalized meal plans and delivers your groceries.

Bilance – An automated personal money manager.

Rent&Go OÜ – Helps to connect parking spot owners with people who need a parking spot. Parking spot owners are provided with an opportunity to easily rent out their parking spots to earn passive income while they are not using the parking spots themselves.

Sonnefy – Helps to improve your solar plant efficiency.

CoinTurtle – A cryptocurrency-based environment where algorithmic trading takes place.

Finisher.TV – A platform for sport event personal videos. Finisher.TV creates unique value for sport event organizers, sponsors and participants.

ZETI – A platform for processing payments in cryptocurrencies, where the software automatically converts it to their own currency.

KonnectzIT – A no-code, visual integration platform that lets you connect any apps to automate and optimize workflows. Simply drag and drop any apps to connect and map the fields between them to complete the workflow automation process.

WasteLocker – A retrofittable smart module for residential, public and office trash containers to detect wrong waste type and fill level. Their solution eliminates empty garbage truck runs, improves logistics and sorting and educates the consumer.

Filaret – They gather and repurpose toxic cigarette buts to make compostable 3D printing materials, thus reducing waste in a novelty way.

Good luck to everyone! We will keep an eye on them and we will let you know how they’re doing!

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