Väike Päike city camps for summer holiday

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, it seems that summer is arriving after all, even this year! Many parents have had to spend months at home with their children, take out their holiday-days or have had to juggle between the positions of teacher-chef-cleaner-nanny-etc in order to keep the household going. 

Children’s daycare in Tehnopol campus Väike Päike believe that all parties deserve a refreshing holiday from one another, make new friends, learn fun activities and enjoy summer! For that purpose, we have opened registration for our summer city camps.

It is obvious that children are hungry for communication and need social contact, want to leave home environment and seek adventure. Registration and interest for summer city camps is more active than in previous years at the same time, probably also because the camps planned for school holidays have been canceled this year.

Väike Päike is happy to announce that the themes and schedule of Väike Päike city camps are more diverse than ever. The camps take place on Mon-Fri from 9-17 in Tallinn (city center and Mustamäe), Harju County (Laagri, Peetri and Viimsi) and Tartu, and offer and exciting joy of discovery, new friendships and many fun learning activities. As the focus topics of Väike Päike childcare and kindergarten are related to digital learning and robotics, about 25% of the camps offered are also related to technology and robotics. As a new theme, a start-up camp has been added this year, where a prototype of your own start-up company will be created within a week. This is balanced by a forest camp, where you never have to leave the forest environment during the camp day.

Väike Päike Summer City Camps 2020:

  • Detective camp: August, Tallinn city center
  • Cooking camp: August, Laagri
  • How to become a superstar?: August, Viimsi
  • Art and creativity camp: June-July, Tallinn city center
  • Creative activities camp: August, Tartu
  • Life in a forest!: June-July, Laagri
  • Camp of a young fashion artist / designer: August, Tallinn city center
  • Journey in the world of flavours: July, Viimsi
  • Soosepa secret society vol 3: July, Viimsi
  • Robotics and technology camp: Peetri in June, Tallinn city center in July, Viimsi in August
  • Happy mind, happy spirit: July, Peetri
  • Adventure camp: in July, Tallinn Mustamäe, in July Laagri
  • Learn to love sports: June, Viimsi
  • Science and robotics camp: June, Tartu
  • Theater camp: in July, Tallinn city center and in August, Tallinn Mustamäe
  • Technology and start-up camp: in August, Tallinn city center
  • Girls’ camp: July, Laagri

The city camp develops more courage, independence and perseverance, children learn the importance of cooperation and communication skills, also creativity that are needed at every age and in every area of life. All boys and girls aged 6-10 are welcome in the Väike Päike city camps, previous experience in the chosen field is not obligatory at all. If you are just discovering that you would like to learn more about sports, cooking, music, art, hiking in the woods or detective work, you are welcome!

Additional information and registration can be found at www.lasteklubi.ee/teenused/lastelaagrid/ See you at camp!

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