Tale Academy: Future of Media Business = Blockchain Technology opportunities & implementation

A lot of buzz, sea of opinions and still the unanswered questions – what is blockchain technology and how can it be applied successfully in the media, entertainment and creative industries? 

Blockchain has been hailed as one of the key exponential technologies of the near future promising exponential disruption from new forms of financing, content delivery, security, and transparency. At the same time 80% of blockchain companies have failed leaving only a few companies and entrepreneurs reaping the benefits of blockchain to its fullest potential.

In the light of the near future the implementation of the Blockchain technology will be becoming important already too soon as it’s a priority for the European Union already in the new budget period from 2020. The relevance of introducing blockchain technology and looking into it in the light of the development of the Estonian (digital) media and creative industries is vital as thus far the topic is not sufficiently enlightened nor analyzed in Estonia in particular in the creative industries and in the cultural sector.

It is a one day, high intensity work session and and networking event to set expectations straight on blockchain and get in depth analysis from leading worldwide experts on their successes and failures in the blockchain business. Event takes place on the 24th of October at Different Rooms Club.

You are more than welcome if you are: a government or non profit policymaker, legal expert, media, film, creative industry, advertising/marketing executive or tech entrepreneur getting a grip of blockchain.

Interested parties can discuss personal business issues besides the masters’ experts, and agree with other participants on future meetings, information exchange and mutual advice and co-education.

Masters’ experts are:

  • Glenn OFarell
  • Manuel Badel
  • Jake Craven

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